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St. Anthony history stories omit an important person
Written by Kelly Prebish, St. Anthony
Posted  10/16/2013
I am really getting disgusted (as is my family) with the articles written about things like the history of Apache Plaza, St. Charles Borromeo Church, and now the St Anthony Library anniversary. Every article during that era has left out a very important part of St. Anthony’s history during that era: The mayor at the time the ground was broken when Apache was built, and who gave a speech and cut the ribbon when it opened, the man who made speeches at ceremonies for the library opening. His name was Curt O’Connor, and he was my grandfather.

It’s disheartening to never see him mentioned in articles and photos of St Anthony from that era. Even the book that the City of St. Anthony published a couple of years ago barely mentioned him and it’s sad because he did so much for this city when he was mayor. If you do your research, you will see that.

I don’t know why he is never mentioned, but to me it seems like the City is just trying to erase him from memory, and that is just sad, as he was a great man and did so much for them.

Kelly Prebish
St. Anthony

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