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Supporting Mark Andrew for Minneapolis mayor
Written by Dziedzic, Loeffler, Reich, et al
Posted  10/16/2013
The person we elect as mayor on Nov. 5 will inherit a Minneapolis of immense challenge and opportunity, including limited resources and a population with diverging ideas about how best to move forward—requiring the ability to lead with both strength and a spirit of collaboration to forge the best possible solutions. Through his words, actions, and ability to bring multiple partners to the table, Mark Andrew has shown that he is the best choice to lead Minneapolis forward to a strong future.

As a Hennepin County commissioner, he worked with multiple partners to get projects done—the State of Minnesota, the business community, social service agencies, the city of Minneapolis, and other county commissioners who served areas much different than his district. He succeeded in implementing curbside recycling, government reform, and the Midtown Greenway because he listened to and learned from various groups, included their best ideas in these projects, and sought multiple funding partners.

One only has to look at the diversity of his supporters to see how he has already built relationships with stakeholders who may disagree but must have a seat at the table—members of the Minneapolis education community, new Americans and long-time residents, young and old, traditional and contemporary progressives, various energy and environmental groups. Mark Andrew will use the position of the mayor’s office to encourage these multiple stakeholders to sit down together and leverage both problem-solving and financial resources for the betterment of Minneapolis.

This Nov. 5, we will choose Mark Andrew as our first choice for mayor of Minneapolis. We ask that you also make him your first choice.

State Sen. Kari Dziedzic
State Rep. Diane Loeffler
City Council Member Kevin Reich
School Board Director Jenny Arneson
Former School Board Director Jill Davis
Anj Ronay
Adelheid Koski

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