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Obama opponent is tired of racism allegations
Written by Steve Groebner, Mounds View
Posted  10/16/2013
Your editorial (Northeaster, Oct. 2) was so predictable as to be trite. A new federal program rivaling the space program and the interstate highway system had to be seen as the logical, progressive triumph of government. Freebies for all—what’s not to like? The flaws, economic as well as moral, were ignored as usual when your writer sat down to ridicule the skeptics. Those of us who consider ourselves skeptics, or conservative, or traditional are used to such insults, but nevertheless try to plod ahead with reasoned arguments.

I don’t know where to begin with your mish-mash, but one point stands out as an example of casual calumny. I have had my fill of being called racist because I oppose President Obama’s agenda. He is only the latest, and most powerful, agent of an agenda that has been metastasizing at least since the 1920s. His racial characteristics are incidental.

I’ve lived and worked in Northeast Minneapolis off and on for 66 years. I’ve also lived and worked in Washington, DC, New York, Pennsylvania, and California. I drive a bus. I interact every day with all races, ethnicities, and political persuasions. I’ve been around and I get along. I will tell you this from first-hand experience: The most self-righteous, smug arbiters of racial politics are those who are white and sit in air-conditioned offices. They have appointed themselves as the bloodhounds of racism. If they smell it, we must point. Don’t buy into their hallucinations. Judge Obama and Obamacare on their merits. I believe they will be found deficient, but not because some white racist told me to think that way.

Steve Groebner
Mounds View

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