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MNsure costs, coverage are better for recent retiree
Written by Jerry Johnson, North Minneapolis
Posted  9/4/2013
I retired just eight months ago (age 62) and was shocked at what I would have to pay for medical/health care insurance—$350 a month with a large deductible and large co-pays. I am being "plagued" with e-mails and spam from insurance companies offering me much better rates.

They are worried about this Affordable Health Care Act going into effect. Where were the great "deals" being offered prior to what we refer to affectionately as "Obama" care? I have gone to MNsure and I can get comparable insurance and even better coverage than what I’m currently getting, for under $180 dollars per month, with no deductible and no co-pays.

In 1935 when they passed the Social Security Act, people were rioting in the streets of Detroit and Los Angeles and every major city in the U.S. They didn’t want the Feds to take money out of their paychecks to insure their future well being. I’m from the "baby boomer" generation and am laying out 25 percent of my Social Security check every month for my current "garbage" insurance.

I welcome this Affordable Health Care Act because I just don’t want to work till I’m so feeble just to afford health care costs. I don’t want to work myself into the "grave" just to afford health care.

Jerry Johnson
North Minneapolis

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