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Letter from the Editor, on "doing your part"
Written by Margo Ashmore
Posted  8/29/2012
All right, I’ll bite (so to speak)—a video produced by the Y.N.RichKids based at the North YMCA, "Hot Cheetos and Takis," gone viral on YouTube, heading for two million hits. One parent asked "why couldn’t they be singing broc-col-i and carr-ots?" I think it’s possible the kids know full well that vegetables are good for you, and yummy when picked fresh and properly prepared. But they’re commenting on everything from peer pressure to rebellion, and in the process, whipping up conversation between generations. It’s putting North Minneapolis on the map.

Nicole Curtis, with 16 million viewers for her Rehab Addict show, could also put North Minneapolis on the map. Let’s hope everything goes well on 1522 Hillside or something else that can be turned into good public relations as well as good business. She said she’s trying to get her buddies in the home rehab world to also take on North Minneapolis projects.

This speaks to a common theme I’ve heard in miscellaneous interviews just this week: The power of "doing your part," with faith that others will do theirs, even if you have to remind them what it is.

Driving through the tornado zone, I’m struck by the number of houses that look brand new – fresh paint or siding, glistening roofs, new landscaping, as well as neatly finished newly-vacant lots. There are also many North Minneapolis streets where residents have continually done their parts without a tornado forcing or facilitating the issue.

One of the community gardeners put it well: do something positive that people can see, and maybe they’ll start looking for, and seeing, more things that are positive. Draw your own conclusions on what your part is from there!

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