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Too much whining over police, revenue issues
Written by Jerry Johnson, North Minneapolis resident
Posted  12/1/2010
I just recently read an editorial from a gentleman referring to police officers as "revenue agents" (Northeaster, Nov. 17). I must say that not only myself but numerous neighbors who read this editorial agreed and concluded that the individual who wrote it has probably had a "history" of traffic citations issued to him in regards to speeding, running red lights, and failure to wear his seat belt.

I would like to inject my thoughts in response to his editorial. First of all I believe the majority of police officers would rather be arresting felons...drug dealers...and murderers. I don’t believe for one moment they get a lot of satisfaction helping old women across the street or issuing traffic citations.

But it is in their "job description" to take on such mundane tasks. It is not in the officers discretion to determine the amount of the fine. I would also like to remind the individual who wrote the editorial that having a drivers license is a privilege and not a right by virtue of birth. You can avoid costly attorney fees as well as expensive fines by merely slowing down...wearing your seat belt...and avoiding running red lights.

I don’t and never will believe that police officers "randomly" pick on people just to pass the time. I feel they are overworked, understaffed, and grossly underpaid for the risks they subject themselves to every day.

Law abiding citizens never seem to have these issues. Slow down..Wear your seat belt....and stop at stop signs....and be grateful that there are people willing to take on such a task as becoming a police-officer. I wouldn’t do it for all the money in the world. Man-Up and pay the the governor of California once said in a movie, "Stop your whining."

Jerry Johnson
North Minneapolis

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