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Italian dinner had "best turnout in years"
Written by David Severtson, Chair, SANBE Foundation
Posted  11/3/2010
I would like to thank everyone who demonstrated overwhelming support for SANBE by coming to our Italian dinner on Friday, Sept. 24, at Saint Anthony Village High School’s new cafeteria. We were thrilled to have a huge number of our supporters attend—nearly twice as many as last year, and certainly the best turnout in years.

We sincerely appreciate the patience of those who were able to wait while we worked to catch up to the surge of demand just before the homecoming game that night, and we apologize to those who couldn’t wait. In the future, we will know how to respond, and we sincerely hope our supporters will continue to help SANBE in its mission to enhance educational programs in Saint Anthony-New Brighton schools.

David Severtson
Chair, SANBE Foundation

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