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Roseville asphalt plant will be a good neighbor
Written by Brian Reid and Paul Weseman, Alpine Asphalt
Posted  10/6/2010
We support Bituminous Roadways’ (BR) plan to build an asphalt plant in Roseville.

As owners of an asphalt paving and maintenance company based in Northeast Minneapolis, we are customers of BR with first-hand knowledge of their honest, responsible approach to business.

Unfortunately, only the residents who are screaming "not in my backyard" seem to be heard. these are the same people who had no problem purchasing a home near a major freeway with constant exhaust and noise. Yet they are worried about an asphalt company that plans to take steps to address environmental concerns. Perhaps if these residents considered the benefits of attracting a successful business (good jobs and increased tax base) to their community, they would realize that BR will be a good neighbor.

Brian Reid and Paul Weseman, owners
Alpine Asphalt
Northeast Minneapolis

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