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Porky’s and Burger King provided inexpensive American cuisine
Written by Carol Zunker, Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  9/22/2010
Porky’s on Central was never meant to be another University Avenue Porky’s. There are plenty of us folks who simply like the food, and have for years, and some of us find it a little hard to get to St. Paul now that we are older and have given up private transportation.

We wanted the Porky’s in our neighborhood. It was a nice walk. They gave seniors a discounted cup of coffee. They had a punch card so you could get a free meal once in a while. We particularly liked it since there are no American fast food restaurants in the Central Avenue corridor we live on, now that the Burger King (which had been in the neighborhood for years) closed. We have to bus to White Castle (snow banks by the bus stop there in winter are not great when you are older, possibly using a cane or walker), bus to the Subway (still not a hamburger and fries) or bus to Columbia Heights, Fridley, the Quarry or Broadway.

Porky’s and Burger King were an inexpensive alternative to, well, nothing else American. There are plenty of delightful ethnic restaurants in the neighborhood, but no inexpensive take out ones, and no current American restaurants with the exception of the Ideal Diner, whose hours are limited, and Subway on Lowry, which some of us older folk find too far to walk.

I never saw anyone loud or obnoxious in Porky’s or in Burger King. No horn honking or traffic delays. Young people, yes. Families, yes, older people (like me), yes. No shootings or mugging or anything like that.

Why can’t I walk a couple of blocks and get a nice American hamburger and fries once in a while? Because no one can.

Carol Zunker
Northeast Minneapolis

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