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Hazardous waste facility bullying its way into the neighborhood
Written by Scott Horne, Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  9/22/2010
As noted in the Aug. 25 Northeaster about the proposed solid waste management facility for 27th and University, city officials caution that if they do not put in the 10,000-plus ton per year facility, a private business could buy the property and do something worse. Is this really our city leadership (elected and otherwise) working for us? It makes me feel like they are trying to bully their way into our neighborhood.

They promise a modern, green, state-of-the-art facility. My view is that to the degree this city-wide facility rises physically in our neighborhood, our neighborhood will be degraded, already miserable traffic will necessarily worsen, our property values will sink as the solid waste management facility rises.

The proposal for a city-wide waste management facility broke into our neighborhood in early June. Ironically, just days before the story broke, I obtained a building permit for home improvements. That building permit, displayed in my front door, is a nauseating reminder of what may lie in our future.

The city proposes a cheerful name for the facility "the environmental center." The function of the facility remains solid and unmistakable, cheerless.

Scott Horne
Northeast Minneapolis

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