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Regarding hazardous waste facility: convenience is key
Written by Mark Snyder, Northeast Minneapolis
Posted  9/22/2010
I’ve read a few letters about the proposed waste-transfer facility reported in the Aug. 25 Northeaster. While I understand concerns about hazardous waste coming into our neighborhoods, I think it’s important to recognize this is household hazardous waste. In other words, it’s old paints, electronics, and so forth that currently occupies our basements or garages.

One reason the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County are seeking to locate a facility here to go along with the ones in Bloomington and Brooklyn Park is because Minneapolis residents don’t use those facilities very often. They keep track of where drop-offs are coming from by checking drivers licenses and it’s the folks who live closest to these facilities now that make the most use of them.

The fact that not many Minneapolis residents are using these facilities suggests that a more convenient location is needed, hence the effort to find such a location in Minneapolis as well as that our neighborhoods will likely end up being much cleaner overall for doing so.

As to concerns expressed by folks who would live near such a facility, would you rather have these household hazardous wastes continuing to sit in your neighbor’s garage or basement, illegally disposed of in their trash or dumped in an alley somewhere like I’ve seen in my alley, or would you rather have this stuff properly collected, sorted and shipped out to where it can be managed appropriately? I vote for the latter and appreciate that our Minneapolis City Council is working to make it easier for my neighbors and me to do the right thing with our household hazardous wastes.

Mark Snyder
Northeast Minneapolis

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