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Arizona immigration law, response regarding "legal immigrants"
Written by James P. Johnson, Columbia Heights resident
Posted  9/1/2010
"It’s not racism, it’s about illegal immigration," seems to be the oft-repeated mantra of the neo-conservatives. As K.M. Gallagher states (NorthNews, Aug. 4), Gallagher’s ancestors were "legal immigrants." Unless they were British, they were undoubtedly discriminated against, not because they weren’t Caucasians, but because they weren’t up to the American adaptation of the British standard of "white." And white isn’t only about race, it’s about power and privilege. Unearned, of course.

Perhaps some of K.M. Gallagher’s ancestors were actually deported under the "Per Centum Act of 1921." Immigration was reduced to 3 percent, having reached the "maximum" in the 1910 Census.

Everybody knows that it’s easier to racially profile Latinos and other dark-complexioned individuals than, say, undocumented Canadians who could sneak across at any unguarded moment.

Here’s an interesting hypothesis: If Native Americans had immigration laws as stringent as Arizona’s, there wouldn’t have been any colonization by white people in this country, there would have been no plantations and no African slaves, and Arizona would still belong to Mexico.

James P. Johnson
Columbia Heights

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