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Arizona immigration law, a letter to the Chiefs
Written by Terry O’Brien, Columbia Heights resident
Posted  9/1/2010
I find it difficult to believe that the Police Chiefs of two of Minnesota’s largest cities would have the gall to express such an arrogant attitude against enforcing their sworn duties as officers of the law (NorthNews, Aug. 4). Below are my comments that I expressed to the chiefs via e-mail:

I found your comments very surprising and disappointing. As the Police Chief of a large U.S. city, I’d think that you would (and should) be all for enforcing the law, regardless if the law is federal, state or local.

To say that this bill would instill a culture of fear in immigrant communities is wrong. The bill would (and should) instill a culture of fear in the illegal immigrants within all of our communities.

You go on to say "we believe this bill runs contrary to the values of community policing and problem solving.....", remember, if immigrants are here illegally, they are here illegally, as in, they’ve broken the laws of the United States of America.

I believe that the oath you took upon entering office went something like this: "I swear [or ‘affirm’] that I will faithfully discharge the office of [title], and will support the constitutions of the United States and of Minnesota."

Note: It says "United States and Minnesota". I would suggest that you either faithfully abide by your oath of office or seek employment outside of law enforcement.

Terry O’Brien
Columbia Heights

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