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Mayor has tough job, and misplaced priorities
Written by Jeanne Amey, Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  9/8/2010
Paying the bills. What a tough task. Foreclosures, unemployment, rising health and housing costs, increased and add-on taxes everywhere. What is a person to do?

I wish I could approach it with Mayor R.T. Rybak’s perspective. I would walk into my employer and demand a pay increase. It would be given to me and all would be solved. No need to manage a budget or cut expenses or even think about being thrifty.

Mayor Rybak is proposing an increase to our property taxes. He is reactive and should be proactive. So when home values increase, will this increase then decrease? The Mayor should be focusing on how to increase the tax base, not taxing the base out of Minneapolis.

There are so many areas where he can cut the spending and encourage growth. His policies encourage home owners to move and entice the already abundant absentee landlords to purchase these homes.

His job is difficult. Always being criticized. Increasing property taxes in an already difficult economic time is the worst decision.

I know so many will criticize these comments, saying, "These funds are needed to help the vulnerable and less fortunate." My objection is not funding what needs to be funded. My concern is funding projects that take away from helping those who actually need the assistance. So when we are told these new taxes are needed to save vital programs, what we are not being told is how other monies were squandered.

Jeanne Amey
Northeast Minneapolis

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