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The new tattoo law does prohibit parental control
Written by Tim Utz, Columbia Heights
Posted  8/25/2010
I appreciate James P. Johnson’s rebuttal to my letter to the editor on the new tattoo laws. Mr. Johnson indicated I made the claim ".... That government owns the people..." The fact is I never stated that "government owns the people," but that government "assumes" ownership.

In response to another of Johnson’s assertions, he claims that in the new law, any parental restriction is only temporary until a technician completes the government approved requirements. This is just false. Sec. 7, Subd. 1a. (b) of the law reads, "No technician shall tattoo any individual under the age of 18 regardless of parental or guardian consent." The law prohibits parental control or authority, and no sunset clause exists. I stand by my previous letter to the editor.

Tim Utz
Columbia Heights

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