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Schools are failing people, not the other way around
Written by Jeanne Amey, Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  8/25/2010
Your opinion on why families are fleeing Minneapolis schools is far from reality. When I purchased my home almost 12 years ago, the draw of diversity was one reason I entered my daughter in 3rd grade. Two schools and three years later, I made the tough decision of moving her out of district. It was due to lack of leadership, discipline problems, bullying, discrimination, not engaging the students and the schools’ lack of vision.

Currently my youngest are in 2nd and 4th grade at a Minneapolis Public School. It is not a very ethnically diverse school. My children are in the minority. The reason I keep them there? The children are engaged. Bullying is minimal. Teachers and staff are always approachable. I just received my son’s first comprehensive testing scores. He surpassed the scores in every category except one. The one category he did not surpass? He tied with the state scores. I will keep my children here as long as the school continues to educate and engage them and they are happy.

Of course this school is one that the Minneapolis school board just had to rearrange and move. That shows lack of vision. This school is currently in stage 4 of their yearly progress.

The problems with most Minneapolis schools are a lack of discipline, responsibility, parent involvement, engagement of children and parents and a clear vision. There is no lack of excuses, bullying and chaos. Families leave because the schools fail them, most do not fail the schools.

The problems facing schools 75 years ago are not all the same problems for schools in 2010. We cannot compare the two. Minneapolis will continue to lose good students with their current path. I write this letter based on facts and experience. Your column would be more believable if you did the same. But of course it is just your opinion.

Jeanne Amey
Northeast Minneapolis

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