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Opposing a waste facility at 27th and University
Written by Carol Weiler, Northeast Minneapolis resident
Posted  8/25/2010
Northeast residents have been assured that there is plenty of time to weigh-in on the proposed garbage and hazardous waste transfer facility that the city is proposing for 27th Avenue and University. Perhaps that is true, if you are interested in selecting the paint colors.

In June the Transportation and Public Works Committee of the Minneapolis City Council approved a proposal to allow the city engineer to begin negotiating for the property. On Aug. 12 there were six city and county officials at the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association meeting "selling" the 10,000-plus ton per year facility to the residents.

The city would like this proposed facility to replace the South Transfer Station, which in 2009 handled over 10,000 tons of municipal solid waste, construction debris and household hazardous waste. Oh yes, and if the downtown Minneapolis incinerator cannot receive all the municipal waste, it would be stored here.

What amenities will this facility provide Northeast? Increased traffic, about 800 vehicles a week bringing waste in and about 20 trucks a week hauling it out. Environmental concerns that come along with 200 tons of waste per week being hauled and processed within a block of homes. And the opportunity to say one’s home has a view of the garbage facility.

Now is the time to act. Call our city council representative, Kevin Reich, and let him know that we don’t want this and that he needs to fight against it with all his power or the rest of the council will more than likely be happy to dump in Northeast. Our community deserves better, much better.

Carol Weiler
Northeast Minneapolis

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